Making Time to Make A Difference

With school back in session, we understand that it can be hard to balance both academics and community service. New schedules, new courses, it’s a lot to take in! For Jersey Cares Project Coordinator and Rutgers New Brunswick Senior, Dominick DiCarlo, civic engagement is a vital part of his college experience.Dominick DiCarlo-September 2018

Looking for ways to make a positive difference during his free time, Jersey Cares provided both the tools and platform necessary to do just that. “I started volunteering with Jersey Cares because I wanted to become more involved in my community, both at home and at school. My desire to volunteer increased significantly while in college, specifically in the areas of hunger and homelessness, due to the surprisingly high level of students at my university and residents in the community who were food insecure.”

According to Dominick, community service is “a very important, if not THE most important, thing to be involved in outside of school work”. He attributes civic engagement both to his current success as well as his personal fulfillment. “Service blends real-world experience with people, which can be applied to almost any job you could think of, with tons of other skills, like the ability to improvise, work in a team, and communicate. You grow these skills, all while supporting others who need help, making you feel empowered as you’ve helped make a positive impact on other people’s lives”.

In fact, when they aren’t hitting the books, Dominick and his peers serve on the executive board of the flagship Rutgers Cares club, an organization that connects Rutgers New Brunswick students with local Jersey Cares opportunities. Aside from their participation in recurring Jersey Cares opportunities, the club conducts mini service opportunities, and work with other Rutgers organizations to coordinate collection drives. Last year alone, they collected over 250 pounds of food for the Rutgers Student Food Pantry and grocery bags of toiletries for the Jersey Cares First-Night Kits!

While his ability to manage service on top of school work may appear superhuman, for Dominick, it’s all about discipline and time management.

” You have to decide that you want to volunteer early, and build it into your schedule, so that you can still have time for work, as well as leisure time to relax. By planning ahead, you ensure that you can successfully balance your school work and volunteer work, and leisure time without being overwhelmed or sacrificing one for the others. It’s also good to start off with a light volunteer schedule and then progressively add more events. When you’re eager to start volunteering, you want to be as active as possible, but you also want to make sure not to overload your schedule, which may stress you out or cause you to back out of some of the events. For example, last school year I volunteered with a food pantry every-other Friday for the first semester, and then bumped my volunteering to every Friday.”

So, if the new school year has you skeptical about continuing community service, take a page from Dominick’s book and start off slow. Once you find an opportunity that you really connect with, making time to make a difference becomes a piece of cake. Head to our volunteer opportunity calendar to check out upcoming opportunities near you!

City Spotlight: Paterson

As a response to all of the amazing volunteer work being done across New Jersey, the Jersey Cares City Spotlight will showcase exceptional civic engagement weekly in a specific New Jersey community.

Mobile Meal Paterson 081513-1 (3)

Jersey Cares volunteers sorting and distributing food at Mobile Meals in Paterson.

Jersey Cares mobilizes volunteers in the City of Paterson four days every week in addition to corporate service and additional events. During the week, Monday-Thursday, there are opportunities for volunteers to give back on multiple hunger programs including collecting, sorting and packing food outdoors on Mobile Meals and organizing donations for distribution on Market Place projects.

Last year, Jersey Cares distributed over 5,600 coats to 17 different agencies in the City of Paterson. Over 130 children received holiday gifts and two corporate volunteer groups provided more than 50 hours of service on team building activities. These volunteers prepared and served 20 hot meals, planted flowers and served nearly 100 kids on two separate days of service.

If you’d like to give back in Paterson, there are opportunities throughout the month on the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar or you can join us on Saturday, May 3 for Jersey Cares Day to paint classrooms in a local community center. For more information, see


Jersey Cares Staff Gives Back for National Volunteer Week


As the icy cold of winter fades behind us, we look forward to a spring of warmth and beauty. The team who manages the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar joined in the fun of National Volunteer Week by giving back on one of our outdoor projects, Mobile Meals in Elizabeth. They sorted food and distributed to residents of the local Elizabeth community. Everyone was in high spirits with the cool weather and not a drop of rain to put a damper on the day. They served more than 70 people over the course of the four hour project and distributed much needed necessities such as milk, bread, and vegetables.

Kat Clayton, Program Coordinator and Americorps Member, said, “We had the opportunity to get to know Michelle Meacham, the energized Project Coordinator for Mobile Meals in Elizabeth, as well as other calendar projects. Michelle is one of those volunteers whose leadership skills make our programs possible and it was such a pleasure to see her in action!”

During National Volunteer Week, there are 61 projects scheduled to mobilize 328 volunteers who are ready to be the change in the Volunteer Opportunity Calendar Program. There are also an additional 10 projects engaging 1,150 volunteers in the Corporate Service Program,  mobilizing teams of employees giving back together.