AmeriCorps Week

When I began at Jersey Cares in September as the Annual Events Coordinator, I never could have imagined the things I would come to learn during my AmeriCorps term.  As I near the six month mark, I can reflect on the things I have accomplished and can recognize that I have grown, both personally and within the realm of Jersey Cares.


As the Annual Events Coordinator, I am charged with coordinating and organizing five events over the course of the year.  Within the first few weeks at Jersey Cares, I was knee deep in the 16th Annual Jersey Cares Coat Drive, working to distribute over 40,000 coats to individuals across the state.  The coat drive took me to places in New Jersey that I have never been to and introduced me to such amazing people that I never would have had the pleasure of meeting.


While planning these events and taking part in our monthly and corporate service programs, I have also had the opportunity to work with social media as a way to recruit, inspire, and involve volunteers in everything that Jersey Cares does.  Being able to connect with people all over the country through these venues allows me to see that AmeriCorps does work and the people within AmeriCorps are the ones working to make this program successful.


The partnership between Jersey Cares and AmeriCorps works to strengthen communities from the ground up.  AmeriCorps members come from all walks of life to band together to promote volunteerism and a strong sense of community in the same way that Jersey Cares brings volunteers from all communities together to create a sense of oneness.  With the help of Jersey Cares, AmeriCorps works.


Mallory Visser

Annual Events Coordinator

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