BMW of Bridgewater Donates During Coat Drive

Jen Silva, Corporate Fleet/Portfolio Manager at BMW of Bridgewater, talks about a donation she made and her dealership’s annual coat drive.

bmw coat drive

I’m grateful that I’m able to go out and purchase a new coat when I need to, but I understand that not everyone has the means to do that. So I choose to donate what I can and hope that it helps one person at a time to feel warm in our harsh winters.

I wasn’t the only one who made a donation during our annual coat drive. Several of our staff members cleaned out their closets and added to our bags of coats that we gave to Jersey Cares.

Everyone had their reasons to giving back. For instance, one of our Client Advisors Aubrey Brandt contributed a few coats since he understands and values the need to help those in need because his sister is in the Peace Corps.

We’re so thankful that we’re able to donate to Jersey Cares. This isn’t the first time we did this and it won’t be the last.

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