The Five People You Meet at a Jersey Cares Project

Volunteering unites a diverse group of people for a common cause, so you’ll find a vast array of personalities at any volunteer project. We put our heads together and came up with the five people you are guaranteed to meet if you volunteer for a few Jersey Cares projects.

The Youngster Jersey Cares Day

This person is usually under the age of 18 and always ecstatic to be helping out, no matter the project. They always boost the morale of the entire group volunteering with their endearing eagerness. (We know a lot of volunteers who are youngsters regardless of their age!)

The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast is incredibly knowledgeable about the organization, what needs to be accomplished, and how it needs to get done. They commit to volunteering at a particular organization regularly and step up to help other volunteers get acclimated. Often, this person is a Project Coordinator or Site Captain – and if they’re not already the leader, we will probably ask them to be!

Tblog1he Do-Gooder

There is nothing this person doesn’t want to do – they are happy to take on any project that benefits the community. The Do-Gooder loves to chat with fellow volunteers to pump everyone up and motivate them throughout the project.

The Student

Typically in high school or college, The Student carves out time to give back to the community on top of their rigorous academic and extra-curricular schedule. They usually volunteer in groups with their friends, making all of their efforts even more fun and worthwhile.


You are the person who makes the difference. Whether you identify with any of the above volunteer types or not, you bring a unique perspective and skill set to the table, and make the work of Jersey Cares possible!

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